The Bold Lion is an up-and-coming printing press company that is geared towards acquiring artistic images from a diverse array of artists and designers whose skills range from the average doodler to the professional artist. We will be printing high quality t-shirts, printing on mugs, dishes, balls and multiple accessories to allow people to express themselves in a diverse array of ways.

    " Self expression and creativity runs free, design your own t shirt here at the bold lion. The only limit is ones imagination. Our belief is that artists bear the most similarity to God in that they are able to create objects, creatures and even worlds in so many renditions. The only difference is that they cannon breathe the breath of life in them.

Artists are some of the most talented people on the face of the planet, yet a lot of times their works and creations are so underrated, underestimated and/or unappreciated. This domain allows for artists from different backgrounds from all over the world to invest their art for the sole purposes of self expression, building a portfolio and also earning some money. The goal of this company is simple. “BE FREE AND EXPRESS YOURSELF”.

Have you been looking for cool t-shirts but can’t find anything interesting? Then you are in luck. The Bold Lion Custom Graphic Apparel hosts hundreds of customized shirts from the most diverse and unique artists in t shirt design. Find the highest quality, unique apparel from your partner in T shirt design and distribution.

Join our vibrant community of artists and contribute a design for a t shirt you can begin to sell today! You can make money, build a portfolio, gain links, get artistic work, gain a national platform for your art and realize your dream. Buy the trendiest clothing and also submit shirt designs today at the best Tee Shirt Site with The Bold Lion!

Artists, please read THE BOLD LION OFFICIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. It’s to protect your rights and ours.

Questions? CLICK HERE to email The Bold Lion staff.

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