The Bold Lion Label

About Us

The Bold Lion Label is a Custom Printing and Clothing Company that is geared towards acquiring images and designs from a diverse array of artists and designers whose skills range from the average doodler to the professional artist to print, embroider and even carve on a multiplicity of items and substrates. We print on high quality t-shirts, mugs, dishes, balls, wood, phone cases and multiple accessories to allow people to express themselves in a diverse array of ways. There is just no limit to what we can put a design on and we’re constantly pushing the envelope to be on the cutting edge. Having the technology, expertise and the know how is one one great aspect of this company but the other is our designs. We have some of the hottest and most relevant up to date designs out here on the market. We simply do cool!

Who We Are

The Bold Lion Label is a Custom Printing and Clothing Company is based out of Memphis, Tennessee and we do it like no other. We sell blank t shirts, blank baby clothing such as onesie body suits, we screen print, make posters,  embroider patches, print posters, laser etching, build brands and so much more. Oh so you want to build and customize your own items? Say no more and visit our customize section in out store to be able to customize any and everything imaginable. Customizations range from t shirts to phone cases to even glass engraving for that special occasion Our vision is to be the ultimate one stop print shop for any and everything imaginable. The goal of this company is simple. “BE FREE AND EXPRESS YOURSELF”. The Bible says in Proverbs 28:1  THE wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are as BOLD as a LION!  So be as bold as a lion, stay tuned and help us grow!