Olmec Head T Shirt

BY The Bold Lion
$12 each

Are you interested in a t shirt that represents the Olmec heads that are dated from at least or before 900 B.C.? Well look no further because we have just the t shirt for you. Now the question remains, was it really Christopher Columbus that discovered the Americas or was it these guys? The Olmec heads predate Cristopher Columbus by far and these heads look like people of African decent due to their flat wide noses and full lips. The Olmec head on this t shirt sports a huge print in the front, you get to see the details of the rocky chisel work done to create these statues because of the very large print. The large print also sets this t shirt off. Get you high quality Olmec t shirt today and check out the different array of colors this t shirt design comes in.





MartinLuther King (INDICTED)

BY The Bold Lion

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