Virgin T Shirt

BY The Bold Lion
$10 each

Are you looking for a t shirt that tells the world that you're a virgin and proud? Well look no further because we have just the t shirt design that you're looking for. If you're a virgin and proud, definitely rock this and if you're not a virgin and are just trying to be funny, then this t shirt is also for you. Lets face it, 99% of us by the time we hit our college years are no longer virgins so get your copy of this t shirt today to be funny. This t shirt has a skinny font in blue for men and the same kind of skinny font for the women but the letter colors are pink. This could be a his and hers t shirt if you have that significant other on the same vibe. Check out the multiple colors this t shirt design comes in as well. This simple yet socially awkward t shirt design will definitely have people taking a double look at you.





MartinLuther King (INDICTED)

BY The Bold Lion

$13 each